Frequently Asked Questions

We don't sell cars (or parts for this matter) and don't limit you to our own inventory. What we do is give you access to thousands and thousands of vehicles in any condition all over the USA. Please visit our Links page to discover some of the possibilities.

Absolutely! We can organize delivery to our facility, or send the item to the destination of your choice through our network of partners. Any port, any destination. Click here to see our delivery rates.

Ocean freight rates vary almost daily. We will work hard to provide you with the best up-to-date quote. Please contact us to find our exact rate for your destination. Thank you!

Auctions Overview

Bidding and winning on auctions is an exciting process. USGM offers professional support and consultation for online bidders. Contact us for live help with any questions, from lot selection to bid placement and payment - we are here to help.

Key Information

Here are some basic highlights it is recommended to know. While various auctions may have different rules and interfaces, there are some generic similarities that are valid for the majority of auctions.

  • Maximum bid is ALWAYS hidden from other players. (That allows you to confidently place the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the given lot considering all other expenses.)
  • Bidding usually consist of two phases: pre-bidding and live auction. The pre-bidding stage determines only the BEGINNING bid for the live stage.
  • Preliminary bids are visible to all, but final bids during the live stage are accessible only to authorized players.
  • Bids increase in minimal steps (usually ranging from $25 to $100). Again, given that your maximum bid is always hidden, the system will respond only in minimum steps from the starting bid up to your maximum allowed bid.
  • Auctions charge fees for their services. Please download fees for most common auctions from our documents page and take them into account when calculating a bid.
  • After winning, buyers usually have around 48 hours to ensure that payment reaches the auction, otherwise late payment fees may be incurred.

Typical cost calculation:

Winning bid + Auction fees + Delivery to USGM + USGM Services + Ocean freight

Getting Started

We strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with each auction’s terms and conditions (available on our documents page or by request) and to speak with a USGM professional before bidding.

Also, we can assist you with submitting documents to register your own account where permitted, or grant you individual access under our master account where you would enjoy the same privileges and benefits as a dealer. Contact us for more information.